Super 7
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+ Comments Super 7 - 2015-08-12 09:00:29
One rarely sees evidence of Deep Breathly, secret agent extraordinaire, sleuthing around small town Ontario, but the fact was irrefutable. Here, on Queen Street, in the pastoral hamlet of Port Perry, parked between the mundane modes of transportation of the common folk, was his Lotus Super 7. As sure the Queen is English, he was somewhere, perhaps sitting incognito on the patio at the Jester's Court, clandestinely ferreting out the dastardly, who would do harm to Britannia, his beloved homeland. The sweet aroma of the very rare and expensive 'Lavender Breath', the favoured perfume of his lady friend, the lovely Sarah Bogey, wafted up the street, carried on the gentle breeze floating off the beautiful Lake Scugog; additional affirmation that the master of 'Duck 'n Dive', the ancient, but deadly martial art was most definitely in town. N/A
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